7 Great Features of Google Search Console


Access to Google Search Console is 100% free and, more importantly, 100% useful! Here are 7 ways that you can get the big G working for you!


Although the web crawlers who do Google’s heavy lifting are smart and can learn about your site from individual pages, you can give them a huge helping hand by submitting a sitemap. Your sitemap just makes their lives a little bit easier and gets your pages indexed quicker.

Most websites will create a sitemap for you and submitting it is easy.

Keyword Intelligence

Google Search Console can tell you the specific keywords that people are searching for when they end up on your site. It will also show you the number of clicks for each keyword and the number of impressions you get for each keyword.

This is extremely important information because it tells you whether you are attracting the right kind of visitors to your site and it will show you hidden keywords that you had not even thought to target; results for these can be further enhanced.

Popular Pages

Certain pages and posts will do better than others in the eyes of Google and the great things about Google Search Console is that it will tell you which pages are performing the best. You’ll be able to see the number of visitors, impressions and even your click through rates; you can then start to compare posts/pages to see what you need to do to enhance your poorest performing ones.

Visitors…but from where?

Google Search Console will provide accurate geolocation information so you know which countries exactly your visitors are coming from. You can also get data on the number of clicks and impressions, click through rates and search rankings based on countries too.

Where…but on what?

You can also tell what sort of device your visitors use to access your site; this is important as you will need to take steps to ensure your site is mobile and tablet friendly.

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