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A little about us

We are a studio based agency located on the Mornington Peninsula who has been working with clients across the Peninsula, Frankston and the Metropolitan area for the last 20 years. We are inspired by the beachside surroundings and believe that this vibe helps us deliver creative results for our clients.

Here at AX Digital we help bring your vision to reality, our dedicated team has over 25 years of experience in design, copywriting and art. We have a team with a strong business and artistic background with an attitude that can’t be beaten. We work with only the best, we are always up to date with the latest in design, web-trends and we strive to deliver premium results for our clients.
AX Digital is results-driven and customer focussed, it is not about us, it is about YOU! We deeply believe that strong brands are built on meaningful conversations and relationships. High growth businesses need strong emotional connections to succeed and we feel that where current agencies seem to be spending more time talking about themselves, we put our customer first.
We do not care for awards, we are driven by passion and commitment. AX Digital cares about making more money for you, and we focus solely on your business, not our own. 

Are you looking for something specific?
We have a fantastic team at the ready, waiting to help you develop the best business you can have. AX Digital are a one stop shop for all your digital and print needs. Have you just started a business? Do you need a logo and branding guide? We have packages to suit every marketing budget. What about a more advanced website and social media package, we do those as well or are you at the point where you need to grow your business and you looking to generate more work we specialise in SEO and Google Ads. We are more than welcome to provide you with information on all of these topics, don’t be afraid to ask.

Let us know if you are in need of a free website audit. We can let you know how to best optimise your site to get a better return.



Our team

Al MacMillan

Al MacMillan

Al has been in marketing  for around 20 years, as a young gun back in uni, Al was studying Graphic design and knew from that moment on that design was his calling. Al grew into many roles over the years, he has gone from Artist to designer to developer to marketer to now owning his own agency delivering outstanding results that his clients are thrilled about. 


With having graphic design under Al’s belt, Al has a keen eye when designing and developing websites, Al and our team at AX Digital can cover every aspect of your business starting from logo design.

Al loves everything from branding to development and is what Al focuses on the most. When Al isn’t hard at work, creating amazing designs and sites, he is spending time with his family and friends and optimising his time on the Peninsula as he intended when moving from the inner city hussle and bussle. 

Being in this field, it gives Al a sense of freedom, freedom to create, freedom to go beyond the limits of your average 9 to 5 job and the freedom to be able to express things for others that they aren’t able to.

Being in design is not just about choosing the right colours, it is about extracting a thought someone has in their head and applying it into our reality. To the average joe, blue is just the colour blue but to me is associated with peace, water, tranquility and reliability. It is also the most common colour used by conserviative brands looking to promote trust in their products. 

As an open and transparent person, Al is well trusted within his community, football and hockey clubs, and having travelled a little bit, Al has made friends all over the world. 

If you are looking for someone who you can trust with your marketing, Al would be happy to have an honest chat with you.

Irene MacMillan

Irene started working at a young age, while completing her VCE. This was just the start of her incredible career path. Let me tell you, Irene is not a force you want to go up against. With an incredible amount of knowledge within her field, Irene has acquired all of her skills from years of having a background in Account management, business Development and commercial sales.

But it doesn’t stop there, oh boy! While pregnant with their first child, Irene studied at UNI, moved into their first house on the peninsula, RENOVATED and worked full time and then just to make things 10 times more exciting decided to have a second child while still completing the bachelor ! Who said you can’t have it all!

Irene really shines brightly within AXD, with a keen eye for detail, Irene can whip things together like nobody’s business. Having watched Irene and Al work together, the key to the success they have created together is their openiness, their willingness to communicate and complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Having Irene a part of the AX Digital team has been vital to our operations. Irene’s nurturing ability with all of AX Digitals clients has been second to none. Clients feel comfortable enough to invite her over for champagne and oysters on Christmas morning and I can tell you now, Irene will never say no to that.

It may seem like Irene is all work and no play and she has worked hard for all of her successes and wins, but in Irene’s downtime, she likes nothing more than spending quality time with her family and friends or enjoying the Harry Potter series on repeat, both books and movies.

Here at AX Digital, our business is a puzzle and each one of our team members are the pieces that fit perfectly together and without one of them, the puzzle couldn’t be complete. 


Emily Apostolou

Em came on board with AX Digital with a strong background in relationship building and relationship management. Once upon a time Em was your not so typical sleazy Real estate agent, while she enjoyed her time helping people find their forever homes and found joy in helping people move onto their next chapter, Emily was seeking more.

It was an easy fit joining AXD as Emily has the same want for freedom as Al does. Coming from a very structured, hard to take time off environment, Em felt that she was not committed enough to her life experiences. Wanting to holiday more and see different parts of the world before the next chapter of her own life,this was the key that opened the door to her joining AX Digital. 

Em has worked for smaller family owned businesses and bigger more structured tycoons in the past. Every role revolving around customer service, Em has a great vibe about her that makes most people want to work with her. As a growing business ourselves, we knew we needed a vibrant team member that had the energy and the experience dealing with people on a daily basis.

As Emily has worked with such a variety of people, we find that she feels most comfortable in really any setting and finds it fairly easy to talk to almost anyone. Em isn’t the type of person to turn this off when the work day is over, no no! Em can be found most nights entertaining friends in her home over a bottle or two of red wine and cheese and dips. And when covid isn’t hanging around, you can also bump into Em at locations where you will find live bands playing.

While Emily was working for other businesses, this is when she found her love for digital marketing, having to write descriptions for properties, blog writing came very naturally to her. Emily is our Digital Marketing and Sales Coordinator and I think you can see why.

Fletcher Rippon

This is Fletcher, Fletcher is our rising star, our young gun and a gun is exactly what he is. Fletch is one of our web developers here at AX Digital, recently joining our team, Fletch is no stranger to the I.T and development world. Having studied at Holmesglen University completing not only a cert IV in Website technologies but a diploma in Website Development as well. Far beyond his years, Fletch has grown up in the bayside area just like most of us. AX Digital found it important to have that bayside, peninsula knowledge.

But do not be fooled by Fletcher’s young appearance, in his spare time Fletch has recently completed and won the first of three rounds in World Skills Competition for Website development! I know! Super impressive!  If Fletch gets through the next round in Perth, we will be seeing him off to Beijing where he will be competing in the finals and working on AX Digitals websites in his down time.

Not only does Fletcher enjoy developing websites, he also has a passion for 3D Printing, loves having a crack and printing anything, just really enjoys the whole process and attending festivals to indulge in his favourite electronic music. Before covid, Fletch has been known to travel a little bit, having been to Europe and America a couple times and hoping to return when we are able to travel again. Fletch is full of knowledge about the field he works in and fields he doesn’t work in, he is an absolute asset to our team and we can not wait to see what lies ahead for him.


Kathryn Laslett

Kathryn joined our AX Digital family and when she did, she hit the ground running. We knew Kathryn came on board with extensive knowledge on marketing and had a very handsome background in Events but what we didn’t know about Kathryn was that she had a very ‘CAN DO” attitude and doesn’t have the ability to say no!

With time management skills like an absolute champion, Kathryn goes above and beyond for AXD and AXD clients. As head of the social media department, Kathryn brings pazazz and fresh new ideas to the table any time that it is called upon her.
Kathryn seeks excitement and adventure! Dreaming of days when she could travel the world and go anywhere at any time but while those dreams have only been on hold, Kathryn will be buried in a book or attending the latest theatre production.

While Kathryn still seems to impress us everyday she works with us, we still have a lot to learn about what she holds up her sleeve. With a bachelor in Business, we can never know what we will see from her next but we are eager to find out.

Gemma Purnell

Gemma has over 20 years experience in the digital marketing field and has worked in many different capacities within the industry including copywriting, web design and development, SEO and PPC. 
Her main passion is for search marketing and helping business owners increase their sales by ‘owning their space’ on the first page of Google Search results.
Her extensive experience and unique approach have brought her to many places including consulting contracts with UNICEF and the UN as well as an invitation to become one of only 200 Google Partner Agency trainers worldwide. 
Gemma has worked with many businesses worldwide across a wide range of industries and enjoys the diversity of solving complex marketing problems for both web and bricks & mortar businesses.

RaQuel FortuNado

In RaQuel’s earlier years, RaQuel graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology, during this time RaQuel enjoyed her dance workshops and often competed in Street Dance Competitions in her local CBD. Then not too soon after that moved onto working as a Pharmacy Assistant and Office Staff, this lasted a few years until moving on to a career as a Stock clerk at a very prestigious hospital. 

In 2011 RaQuel was wanting a change of pace and started working online as a Virtual Assistant in a Los Angeles based company specialising in SEO, link building and article spinner. RaQuel quickly came to love the role and within the same year took on another role for a company based in the UK. As the years went on RaQuel found she had quite a keen eye and started working for a Real Estate Company based here in Melbourne. RaQuel stayed with this company for some time before joining us here at AX DIGITAL.

With RaQuel’s knowledge and willingness to thrive within  AX DIGITAL, we find RaQuels enthusiasm to be a breath of fresh air and enjoy her team’s efforts and support. RaQuel enjoys so many different things including watching movies, reading books, listening to music and watching TikTok, which I am sure makes her very popular with another one of our staff members!

RaQuel has lived an amazing life and enjoys adventurous activities but most of all she loves sharing these moments with her beautiful family.

Petru Amortoae

Petru is one of our very amazing and experienced website developers. Petru has been designing and building WordPress websites for over 11 years, during which time, Petru has travelled and lived in amazing places currently residing in Sibiu, Romania. Petru finds his inspiration for web design from his beautiful surroundings in the places he visits.

When Petru is not hard at work, creating and developing fantastic websites, Petru loves to watch the formula 1 and is a big football supporter. Lucky for Petru he doesn’t have to stay up to 5AM to catch a game or race like we do in AUS.

Petru has been a part of the AX Digital Family now for a few years and we appreciate all that he brings.