Web Development

Website development is a broad term that, as the name suggests, covers all forms of website development.  At AX Digital, we have over 25 years of experience in website development which we bring to each of our clients projects to build your web presence and give your business the best chance for success.

Whether you are building a website from scratch, or updating an existing one, you can avoid a lot of headaches and stressful situations by engaging a professional web developer. Your website is a direct representation of your business, with most customers beginning their buying journey with the humble Google search. Which is why you want to make sure your website is up-to date, stands out from the crowd and is optimized for success.

Building Your Website

Starting at the very beginning, it is important to ensure that your website has been built for optimal results from the very beginning.  Whether you are looking at a portfolio based website, something more interactive or an e-commerce website to take advantage of the online shift in retail markets (thanks COVID), it is important that you have a strong foundation in place.  AX Digitals website development services will see that your website is built for success from the ground up including setting you up with the latest technology for analytics, engagement and conversion. 


Website development is a broad term, that as the name suggests, covers all forms of website development. AX Digital are experts in all aspects of website development, from building to maintaining and optimizing, so you can put your best foot forward to potential customers and build your brand with confidence.

Website Maintenance

It doesn’t quite end there though.  It’s not just enough to just set up your website for success, you need to keep coming back to update and maintain it.  This could be from a technical perspective, ensuring that your website software and security is up to date to prevent any unwanted bugs or loss of information. 

Or it could in terms of your website content, whether that is through adding fresh content in the form of blogs and products or updating information about our business such as services and team members.  Both areas are applicable to every business, big or small, to keep your website relevant, running and appealing to customers.

The All Important SEO

Believe it or not, but your search engine ranking relies heavily on your website development.  Small details from your page speed, image optimisation, site maintenance and a good hosting package all add up to big SEO results.  The AX Digital team have extensive experience in each of these areas and have helped hundreds of clients achieve success through search engine optimized website development.

Unparalleled Customer Support

Whether you can’t figure out how to upload a new product, your site appears to have a bug or something just doesn’t seem quite right, AX Digital provide unparalleled customer website support.   We understand that issues will pop up from time to time, which is why we offer an extensive range of website support packages so you can rest easy knowing help is never far away.

No matter where you are joining us from on your website development journey, AX Digital has all the skills and knowledge in website development to help your website excel.  Get in touch with us today to discuss how our team can help your website development.

No matter what your goals are for your SEO, AX Digital can offer you an effective solution.  Chat to our expert team today to see how we can boost your SEO and drive more business to your website today!