It’s no secret that social media has quickly become a key marketing tool that all businesses should use.  But understanding who your customers are, how best to communicate with them and better still keep them engaged with your brand can be somewhat of a mystery even to the most tech savvy people out there. 

That’s why AX Digital are here to help take the guess work out of social media, but giving you expert advice for your social media strategy based on your social media analytics.

Social Media Analytics with AX Digital

Social media analytics grants us insights into your social media accounts that allows us to dive deeper into your social media marketing strategy and boost its effectiveness with your audience.  At AX Digital we use social media marketing tool Falcon, to provide our clients with unparalleled insight into their social media marketing efforts and audiences.

Social Media Audits & Setup

We begin our social media analytics services by helping you ensure that you are set up correctly on all of the key social media platforms.  We take the time to do this so that we can ensure that all of your business profiles and pages are set up, connected and primed for optimal engagement.  After all, if it’s not set up right how are we going to be able to accurately interpret the results of your social media marketing efforts?

Gaining Insights

From here we begin our observation of your social media accounts.  We take careful notes on how they perform asking ourselves:

  • What styles of content (pictures, videos, graphics, etc.) are resonating with your audience?
  • Is the engagement positive or negative?
  • How is your audience interacting (liking, sharing, commenting, reacting, etc.) with your content?
  • Who is engaging with these posts? Are they your target market?
  • Is your engagement growing, stalling or shrinking?


We then use Falcon’s exclusive tools to dive deeper into what your target audience is talking about.  Using listening and profiling tools, we are able to understand your audience on a deeper level, including how they use social media, what their interests are and how this relates to your brand.


The final area we examine is your competitors. Falcon’s competitor analysis software allows us to gain exclusive knowledge on your competitor’s and industry leaders social media performance.  We consider what works well, what doesn’t, and how they are targeting their social media campaigns.



Once we have compiled all of the invaluable information surrounding your social media analytics we present this in an easy to read report that is customised to your brands unique requirements.  These findings can be used to adjust and enhance your social media marketing plans, so that you can use your social media platforms to boost your business performance.


Social media analytics takes the guesswork out of using social media as an effective digital marketing tool.  Chat to the team at AX Digital today, to see how you could use these tools to boost your social media marketing strategy and increase your business reach.


Social media is a key digital marketing tool that has long been underrated. With AX Digital’s social media analytics, we take the guesswork out of your social media marketing and help your business boost sales and enhance engagement.