Five Products I Used this Week


This article is all about sharing with you five cool products I’ve used this week and which you can use too to enhance your business and online effectiveness.

What do they have in common I hear you say? Well they are all super simple to use and in addition they are all absolutely free to access and they are all Google products.

I can wholeheartedly recommend all five. Let’s get started with the first of them.


Your Gmail account is actually the starting point for accessing all of Google’s products via the same login, most importantly it’s a great free resource as it allows you to host all of your emails for free.

This storage is linked to your Google Drive account so you storage across these different Google functions can be monitored closely.

If you would like to customise the email address to use your domain like [email protected]  for example, we can integrate everything however there will be an additional cost.

Google Ad’s

Ad’s is a fantastic advertising platform for driving traffic quickly when waiting for SEO to take hold just is not an option.

Google estimate that for every dollar you spend you should get at least two back making it a useful proposition.

You can measure the results you get and get started with a small budget; there are often bonus codes available too where you can get Ad’s credit for free if you deposit a certain amount.

Google Analytics

Analytics can help you to understand your website visitors; how many, how they use your site and how often they return to name but a few of the features.

There is even an Analytics Academy which is free of change and a huge help to you particularly when using Analytics for the first time.

Google Insights

Insights is a nifty little tool that Google provides you with everything that you need to increase your page speed and really enhance your overall user experience.

Using Insights properly will help you to drastically improve your bounce rates which will in turn help you to rank higher in Google.

Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is a superb tool. It crawls your website and knows when you have published new content so the the Google search engine can pick them up as relevant content.

The sitemap facility is a crucial aspect of using this tool effectively.

Once again, the five products I used this week

I’m sure you’ll agree that these five tools are well worth your time in using; they’re free and effective and excellent weapons in your traffic generation arsenal.

Why not get started today?

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