Get everything in line with On page SEO


On page SEO

Getting your On-page SEO right is absolutely critical if you want to get your pages ranking with Google and the other search engines.

There are five core “must dos” when it comes to on page SEO and this article is all about understanding them and how to use them best.


And more specifically, make sure your keyword is in your title and your content itself. Your title tag is arguably the most important on page SEO element and you can work off the premise that the closer your keyword is to the start of the title, the more favourably your article will be considered by the search engines. Don’t get me wrong; it should not mean that your title doesn’t flow or that it is grammatically incorrect because that turns readers of and creates distrust from the off.

SEO Friendly URLs

Google freely admits that the first three words in a URL have more weight when it comes to your ranking and there are studies which clearly demonstrate the link between shorter URLs and better positions in the search engine rankings. So the message is: keep those URLs short and get your target keyword in there.

Internal and External Links

Internal linking is a great way of showing the search engines that your site is credible and genuinely out to inform your visitors. Why wouldn’t you refer to past content that may be of use? Why wouldn’t you write about related issues on a high quality website? Two or three internal links in every post is more than enough to help you rank.

External links

Again, external links are a great indicator of authority and visitor experience in the eyes of the search engines. Sites that do this effectively add credibility to their content by showing that they are referencing quality material and are confident enough in their content to not worry about linking to other sites.

Social Sharing Buttons

Although social signals don’t actually play a direct role in the ranking of your site, they do get more visitors to your site to view your content. The more visitors you get, the more likely you are to get someone to link to your content so always get your social sharing buttons in a prominent place at the start and end of the post. Studies have shown that properly place social sharing buttons can increase levels of sharing seven fold!

So there you have It your guide to effective on page SEO.

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