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Ax Digital can help you develop brand guidelines and visual standards for your business. You’ve spent time and effort in developing a brand identity that tells your story. You need to make sure that this effort is not wasted and your brand is consistently represented.

People are bombarded with visual messages across a number of platforms. For this reason, developing a consistent brand is vital. Brand consistency means developing brand guidelines and visual standards. A Brand Style guide can help staff and agencies ensure that all people are on the same page – presenting a unified vision for your brand to the public.

In developing brand guidelines and visual standards, we take the time to understand your brand. There are 5 key components to consider. These elements tell your story and what you stand for. Your brand guidelines and visual standards ensure your story is told correctly.

Mission – Your mission statement is your story of why your company exists.

Vision – Your vision statement describes where you want your business to go.

Target Audience – Who is your ideal audience? What insights do you have about them? Location, demographics, psychographics etc.

Personality – Does your brand have a personality? Are you fun or serious? Are you classic or “on trend?”


Values – What are the guiding principles of your company? What do you stand for?

Your brand guidelines and visual standards need to ensure that you convey each of these five key components.

Here are some of the things that we help with to develop your brand guidelines and visual standards.

Where your logo needs to be displayed

What colour palette represents your brand personality

What fonts represent your brand personality

Iconography and Fonts

Specific web-elements

You need to make sure that your guidelines accurately convey your five key components.

If you would like to get help developing brand guidelines and visual standards for your business, get in touch today.

One of the major services provided by AX Digital is Brand Identity or Refresh work for clients across the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston and Melbourne.

When developing a brand identity or doing a brand refresh for a client we engage in a multi-step process. The four steps we cover are outlined below.

We start with research. We look at why you started your business and what your values are. We compare you with your competition (to identify your competitive advantage). We take the time to understand why you are special. We work out how your brand is supposed to make your target customers feel – you want to excite new customers and delight existing customers.

After this, we come up with your logo. We look at its form and shape, we come up with the perfect colour palette for your business and then we talk about typography and fonts.



Once we’ve come up with a logo we look at brand consistency across other areas of your business. This can include but is not limited to – website, social media, product packaging, business cards and email templates.

After investing the time and energy to develop your brand identity we work to ensure your brand identity is maintained. We’ll help you to do this by creating a brand style guide that you can share with all staff in your organisation – ensuring consistency going forward.

If you are ready to get started with your brand identity, or you think your current brand identity is getting a bit stale, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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