Integrating Instore with your Online store


Recently we had a client who wanted to do just this, Integrating Instore with your Online store. It can be a tricky, time consuming job what with having to transfer the CMS amongst other things, but the benefits far outweigh the cost and time implications.

This client now has a retail and online store which talk to each other from a stock perspective and the opportunity to sell directly on both Facebook and Instagram.

There are many other benefits to integrating your point of sale and your website; let’s have a look at them:

Cost Effectiveness

The installation process is relatively quick and can be hosted on your current servers or the cloud. Updates and backups are also taken care of automatically so you don’t have to worry about these.

Inventory Management

Having this integration in place means that your inventory is tracked in one place and is accurate for both your bricks and mortar and online offerings. You can also use the software to check stocks levels, order new stock and even find the location of individual items of stock.

Reporting and Paperwork

A better inventory system comes hand in hand with enhanced reporting functions. Want to know something on a daily, weekly, monthly quarterly or annual basis? No problem.

You’ll also cut down the amount of paperwork that you generate and the amount of email traffic you have to send because the automated system does not require any manual stock adjustments; you don’t have to tell your shop that you’ve sold something online because the system does it for you.

Customer Relationship Management

You can improve your management of customers as this type of software provides real time information for each customer who makes a purchase. You can understand their past spending habits, when and what they buy and even what they have returned or exchanged.

Understanding customers in this level of detail allows you to create successful, bespoke marketing campaigns which can generate more sales for you.

This brings us nicely on to cross selling and upselling. Knowing more about your customers means that not only do you know when they are more likely to buy something extra, but also what they are likely to buy. Again this means more sales, more repeat business and ultimately greater profitability.

In Summary

We think it’s real no brainer to integrate your point of sale with your website; the benefits are clear and obvious. We’re here to do all of the heavy lifting and behind the scenes work to make this happen for you; your success is important to us and we’ll work hard to help you achieve it.

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