CPS Audits
CPS Audits describe what they do as “a human factors perspective on traffic management in construction, design and existing conditions, from the eyes of a professional road safety auditor.” There are two divisions of their business, a business that focuses on increasing safety and bringing practical solutions to industries to meet the demand of specialised public road and car park safety.


With two distinct subdivisions of their business, CPS Training and CPS Witness, AX Digital was challenged with creating a website that meant their prospective clients could easily find the information they needed and understand the value of each aspect of their business.

Peter has conducted over 4000 road safety audits, risk assessments, and safety assessments, and participated in over 6500. Peter wanted a website that showcased this professionalism and experience, properly representing his brand online. We were able to deliver a website for him that helped increase his visibility whilst creating a platform to showcase his professionalism. This has allowed CPS Audits to showcase their value to existing clients as well as appeal to new prospective clients.

Their new website, designed with user experience in mind, succinctly delivers and showcases their services. The website is responsive meaning that it is easy to navigate, no matter what device you are using. The site is designed to be easily navigated, whether a customer is looking for corporate or public audit services.

At AX Digital we are glad that we could help Peter and the team at CPS Audits showcase their experience and expertise through their website, as their main communications platform.