Custom Box Solutions

Custom Box Solutions does as its name suggests. They provide well designed, cost-effective custom boxes for their clients. However, they felt that their old website and brand image was not helping them find ideal clients. They approached us to help with a refreshed look to attract more of their ideal clients.
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Custom Box Solutions tailor and manufacture to suit their client needs. They provide a modern look, with their own design and manufacturing capabilities. The possibilities are endless and they wanted to ensure that their prospective Clients understood the possibilities.

The team at Custom Box solutions recognised that their business had grown and changed. They recognised that their brand wasn’t reflective of their current direction. They needed a refreshed brand identity that helped them maintain their competitive advantage and maintained their connection with their audience.

As businesses grow and change, it’s important for their brands to reflect the current marketplace. Simply put, if you stayed the same while all the companies in your industry changed, adopted fresher logos, and newer ways of communicating with their audience, then you’d end up losing your competitive edge.

Their customers needed modern designs and great customer experience. They needed a quick turnaround and responsive customer service. Their customers cover a variety of industries.

In order to help Custom Box Solutions convey their message and achieve their goals the team at AX Digital provided Custom Box Solutions with a fresh new look and an eye-catching rebrand. We provided Custom Box Solutions with the following:

– We provided Custom Box Solutions with a fresh new-look brand
– We helped by creating a custom-built, responsive website
– New marketing collateral and stationery including a trifold brochure and letterhead.
– We provided them with custom icons and a new logo.

With a custom brand refresh, online and offline we’ve helped Custom Box Solutions to create a consistent brand message whether for online sales or in-store.