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Frankston Football Club
Requirements: Web Design Web Maintenance Digital Marketing The solution As a family-owned business based on the Peninsula we are strong …

The solution

As a family-owned business based on the Peninsula we are strong supporters of the Frankston Football Club. We recently became a Commercial Supporter of the Club and we are pleased that we have been able to help them with their recent website redevelopment.


What they were looking for

The Frankston Football Club had a previous relationship with an IT Provider and Web Developer. They were being charged a regular fee and were unsure about whether they were getting what they paid for. At the same time, their website had become dated. They felt that their website was in need of a refresh – to better suit the modern professionalism they were trying to bring to their Club and their new VFL Season.


How they chose AX Digital

We were grateful for a recommendation from a great referral partner of ours, Specialist IT. The team at Specialist IT were happy to recommend our work and this meant that the team at the Frankston Football Club were confident that we could deliver what we promised and what they needed.


What we delivered for the Frankston Football Club

The Frankston Football Club wanted their website redeveloped and updated. They wanted a fresh new look. They also wanted a website that was easy for them to update as required – especially where updates may be required in a timely manner.

The Football Club is able to update their own content when required.


Their Results.

We have received the following feedback from our contacts at the Frankston Football Club. They are pleased that they can update their own website. They are also comforted by the fact that they have one point of contact if they have queries about their website. They know that when they give us a call that we are reliable and we will complete any tasks requested in a timely and efficient manner.

If you are looking for a reliable web designer that prides themselves on excellent communication and quality customer service, please get in touch with us today for a no obligation quote.