RAD Bookkeeping
RAD Bookkeeping is an award winning company with a proud history. They provide a number of services including bookkeeping, reporting, business consulting and more.


RAD Bookkeeping approached AX Digital to go through a strategic rebranding process as well as to have a website rebuild.

Our goal was to make sure that RAD Bookkeeping stands out from other bookkeepers. There are lots of bookkeepers, all at varied levels of skill. We were tasked with rebranding their business and building a website that accurately portrayed their reputation for first-class client care and a quick and responsive service. They wanted a website that ensured that visitors to their website knew that they were the best in the business.

In order to achieve this goal, we created a brand that is professional, with striking visuals and quirks that reflect the brand and personality of the owner Debbie Demooy. We worked together over many consultations and drafts to ensure that the brand reflected Debbie’s personality and the professionalism of her company.

RAD Bookkeeping is an impressive company with multiple industry achievements under their belt. They needed a website as impressive as their business. Their new website explains all the services they offer, all aspects of their business and is designed to fill prospective customers with confidence in RAD Bookkeepings services.