Social Media and SEO


Heres How Social Media and SEO Help Your Business Everyday

Social Media most definitely helps your SEO efforts, but often not in the way you think. Read on for the lowdown!

Increasing Online Visibility

Social media gives you the opportunity to get your content out to a wider audience. You can achieve this through several different goals:

  • Optimising your reach breadth. Your visibility improves almost instantly when you get your posts in front of more eyes by circulating it in new areas.
  • Improved lifespan. You achieve this, i.e. keeping your post relevant for longer, by increasing its shares etc.
  • Increasing your followers. If you focus on attracting more followers it means you will improve your chances of getting likes and shares thus increasing your visibility even further.

Social Media, SEO and Traffic Generation

Let’s look at four ways that social media can help with your traffic generation woes.

  • A visible URL. Every social media network will have specific areas where you can share your website’s URL. Make sure it’s visible in your profiles so your customers know where to click through to.
  • Share Everything. Absolutely all of your posts should be shared far and wide on all of your channels. Each one is a backlink and an opportunity for someone to click through to your site. Don’t forget to track them to see which posts perform the best.
  • Get your clicks up. If your customers are asking you questions on your social media channels refer them to your website (“what are your opening hours?”, “Do you have anything in this colour?”). Getting clicks will help your overall SEO efforts.
  • Call to Action. Calls to Action (CTAs) are things like “Click Here”, “Comment Below” etc. Steering your visitors into something that you’d like them to do (i.e. click and visit your site) is a great way to improve your SEO.

Crawling Social Media for Off Page Content

Off page SEO is so important and you have to be able to build the right types of link if you want to help your SEO efforts.

The greater your engagement with your audience on social media the more likely search engine bots are to crawl your pages; and this means you’ll get more organic traffic.

Social signals are an extremely important indicator of authority and quality content in the eyes of search engines so it is imperative that your levels of engagement on your off page properties are as high as possible.


Social media is a key part of your overall SEO strategy and is a great way to increase your reach and engagement.

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