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The Benefits Of Google Adwords Is Simple!

Investing money in anything can be daunting and anxiety provoking, and Google Adwords is no different in this respect. The good news is that there are many benefits that come with investing in Google Adwords and when you get results they happen immediately delivering an instant payoff. This factor alone makes Adwords, when done correctly, a fantastic advertising option.

So let’s have a look at the key benefits of Google Adwords.

Instant Gratification

Adwords is so much faster than SEO. SEO takes time to get traction, but Adwords gets your ads in front of the right eyes from the moment your campaign goes live. You can also focus on multiple keywords, you can pause the campaign if you need to or if you want to tweak something and you get an instant top of the page spot which takes an age with SEO and is never guaranteed.

Brand Awareness

Adwords is not just about traffic and clicks; it’s a great way to build brand awareness and establish credibility. Being at the top of the search engine results in the ad spots gives the impression of a business that means business; a business who has the resources to invest in promotion and the conviction in their products and services to drive paid traffic to them.

Marketing through Gmail

This is a little known benefit of using Adwords: in 2015 Google integrated Gmail ads with Adwords making them available to Adwords customers. This really extends your reach and allows you to drill down and focus on a different group of potential customers.

These ads are usually found in the promotions tab, but can also appear in the social tab and are markedly more affordable than mainstream search engine Adwords ads; great if you’re on a budget.

Let’s Reconnect

How would you like to reconnect with your website visitors after they’ve left your site? That “almost sale”? That customer who was on the fence about the upsell but left? Well through Display Remarketing and RLSA campaigns the “one that got away” can become a thing of the past.

How are you performing?

Whereas measuring the effectiveness of traditional offline advertising is a bit of a lottery and far from an exact science, Adwords has fantastic features which allow you to track performance and ensure that you are always getting value for money. You’ll know:

  • Who clicked your ad
  • The number leads you got
  • Traffic levels
  • Your most effective keywords
  • Your cost per lead

In Summary

The benefits of Google Adwords are clear. We are here to help you with all of the technicalities and intricacies of setting your campaigns up and the ongoing task of optimising them.

Let us help you to get more eyes on your business and more sales from day one of your first Adwords campaign.

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