Tips for re-branding your logo and website


Where do we start…

Undertaking a re-vamp such as re-branding your logo and website is a big decision for any size of business; you’ll be known in some quarters and be recognisable by your old brand and that can be a big risk for some organisations.

The good news is we’re here to help and guide you through the process. This is our day in day out bread and butter; designing and building websites as part of a full, comprehensive re-branding process. We take old and stagnated designs and turn them into awesome, memorable brands with a kick-ass website to fully embrace your exposure and marketing potential online.

The ins & outs

This can get tricky, however, if you are changing your domain name or URL; your old site may well have developed great Google authority over the years and to lose all of that through a name change would take years to rebuild and would undoubtedly cost you customers, time and most importantly, money.

If you are careful you can inform Google of the switch and organise re-directs from the old site to the new one but if you are using the same content it gets a bit trickier. We’d always advise getting in touch with us about this part specifically; often other agencies miss these critical points and we’re brought in to help pick up the pieces. It’s always best to get this sort of thing right first time around.

So when you get started on re-branding your logo and website to change your business name think of the issues it may cause down the track; we can help you mitigate any of these risks and keep you in the best shape possible. It may drop your visitors temporarily, but there are ways to get them back whilst attracting greater amounts of new visitors with a better functioning website.

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