Top 5 Reasons You Should Have a Social Media Strategy

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It is no secret that having a strong social media presence can boost your business and help you connect with your customers. But if we are being honest… who really has time to come up with amazing content and consistently share it with your audience?

Well, what if we told you there was a way to not only have amazing content, but also feel stress free while posting? No we aren’t joking. It all starts with an effective social media strategy.

What is a social media strategy? Ultimately a social media strategy is your plan to success. It details what you plan to post and when. It highlights any special occasions or events that are coming up and provides a roadmap to the specified time period ahead.

Still not sold? Well we are going to provide you with our top five reasons why you should start using a social media strategy in your business. Because we want your business to succeed and we know that through integrating an effective social media strategy, you will be well on your way down the path to success.

Reason 1. It Helps You Build Your Organic Reach

It’s no secret that the use of social media is a great way to reach your audience. By implementing a social media strategy this will not only boost your online presence, but through consistent posting and quality content it will help build your organic reach. Building your organic reach is important because it not only connects you with your audience, but also helps build trust and awareness around your business, brand and products.

Reason 2. It’s a Huge Time Saver

We have heard it time and time again… “I’m too busy to consistently post on social media.” We completely understand that we are all busy humans, with endless to-do lists that never quite seem to shrink no matter how hard we work. But by using a social media strategy, you are guaranteed to gain back a few extra hours (which we are sure wouldn’t go astray!) and also put yourself in a position to boost your presence and audience engagement through consistent posting. By having a social media strategy, this allows you to tackle your content in more manageable time slots by chipping away at the months ahead and saves time on content creation as you will have already mapped out what topics you will be targeting in posts, ultimately saving you time in the long run.

Reason 3. It Keeps You On Track Towards Your Goals

We all know that having goals is an important part of setting your business up for success. By integrating a clear social media strategy into your business you can clearly align your social media content with your business goals. This might involve pushing a certain product, targeting a certain audience or increasing engagement with your brand. It also allows you to clearly track your progress to achieving your business goals, with real time feedback and results through social media analytics and reporting.

Reason 4. It Helps You Target Your Audience More Effectively

Social media presence for business can be achieved by having a social media strategy you are allowing yourself to also be more mindful about who you are targeting your posts to. It gives you a chance to create more targeted content and allows you the time to do your research into what your audience is interested in interacting with. By reviewing your content performance and social media analytics you may also gain insight into new audiences that you didn’t know you were reaching, which will provide you with helpful information that you can use to better target your product or service.

Reason 5. It Gives You Time To Create Better Content

It is no secret that people tend to respond to creative, interesting and interactive content. But coming up with this killer content can be a time consuming process. By having a social media strategy in place it gives you a chance to make the time to create the engaging content that your audience is craving. Embrace this opportunity to get more creative – take or acquire high quality photos, design interesting and aesthetically pleasing social media layouts, design interesting graphics. Your audience will thank you for it and it may even help build a stronger relationship between your audience and your brand.

Social media strategies are widely used by small, medium and large businesses for many reasons, including the ones listed above. If your social media presence for business hasn’t been giving results we recommend starting small, looking ahead to the next three months to get a feel for it and then slowly branch out to up to 12 months in advance. It is also important to remember that life happens, especially if the last two years are anything to go by, and that your social media strategy is not set in stone. It should be adaptable and interchangeable to match what is relevant to your business and your audience.

Still feels a bit too much to handle? Get in touch with our digital marketing team who can help you come up with a social media strategy for your business. They can even help you with the implementation if it all feels like too much. The most important thing to remember is that social media is meant to be fun – and coming up with your strategy and content should be fun too!

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