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If your business is like most businesses these days, your website is your most important marketing asset. Your ideal customer is researching your product or service online. If they can’t access your website, chances are they are going to your competitor.

You need fast, reliable web hosting to ensure your website stays online. Our web hosting services can give you fast, reliable web hosting.

Whether launching your business or just looking for better support, you’ll get what you need from the team at AX Digital.
Here are our inclusions:


24/7 Support in Australia – if you have a problem with your web hosting, help is always at hand either through a phone call or an email. Sometimes things happen. Whether it’s day or night our friendly team is always here to assist. We’re always monitoring your hosting so if there is a problem we may have resolved if before you even notice something happening.

Large Storage – 
All our hosting packages come with a huge amount of secure storage so you’ll never have to worry. This can be used for hosting your website or for hosting your emails.

Free transfers  –
if you are transferring your hosting from another provider to us at AX Digital we offer you a free transfer of all your data.

Regular Backups –
We ensure your website is regularly backed up, so if something goes wrong you know that it can easily be restored. We can also provide access to these backups if required.

Australian-based Servers –
Our Australian based servers and high SLAs mean that your clients will be able to load your website quickly and your website will be online. Australian based servers also improve email reliability.

Whether big or small we can help you with the right hosting package for your business.
Please get in touch today to discuss your needs.

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