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Your new website looks fantastic. Congratulations. Unfortunately, it’s not just a matter of now “set and forget.” There are a number of routine tasks that need to be performed. Tasks that need to be done to ensure the security of your site, the performance of your site and to ensure that your site continues to rank in Google. Your new site may be great at attracting clients but if not maintained regularly, its effectiveness and performance will decline over time. This can impact your customer experience and rank in Google.
Proper website maintenance is vital.

Proper security and backup is your most important maintenance task. You need to protect your site from hackers but also ensure that you have a weekly backup of your site in case something goes wrong. A regular backup means that if something goes wrong you can get back online quickly.


We offer a range of cost-effective website maintenance packages for our clients. Our 24/7 support means we can look after you. We can ensure that your website is up to date as technology changes, and our regular backups mean we can rescue your website in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

We’ve created affordable, monthly web maintenance solutions. These packages include backups, theme, CMS and plugin updates, speed monitoring and SEO advice.
We keep your website secure, up to date and error-free.

Depending on your package chosen we can also include things like content updates to keep the search engines happy.
These content updates can include web page updates, image creation or regular blog posts. Google loves to see sites that are regularly updated and this is important for SEO.

With our Website Maintenance Packages, there is one that will suit your budget. Please get in touch today to discuss the right package to suit your needs.

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