What You Need To Know About Web Security in 2022

Web Security

The technology was already here but the last 2 years, with COVID associated lockdowns and remote working, have seen the technology adoption increase. People are continuing to use this tech and cloud adoption is growing.

The implementation of cloud technology has massive benefits for businesses. It can increase efficiency and automate many projects but it also does come with some inherent risks – especially in a remote and flexible working environment.

In the rush to set up their teams remotely, workplaces were perhaps a little lax with their cybersecurity and malicious actors have been doing their best to take advantage of this situation.

It’s time for business owners to take note of the risks and implement risk mitigation strategies. Here are 5 key things you need to know about in 2022 and beyond. 


Ransomware involves malicious actors infecting your computers and other internet-connected devices, and encrypting all your files. These criminals will not return access to your files until you pay a fee. Bad actors are always looking for new ways to try and encrypt your files and you need to make sure all your security software is up to date and you need to make sure all your staff are keeping safe. These malicious files can infect your computer or device through a link in an email or through a hacked website

Remote Working Device/Security

When staff were working in the office, it was easy for a business IT team to keep everything secure as they only had to secure one network. With increasingly remote teams meaning more devices, and more internet connections, there are increased vulnerabilities that can be attacked. A business needs to ensure that all their team are managing their networks and have the correct security in place to protect the wider network and all of a business’ private data.

Phishing & Scams

Phishing emails and Scams are leaving people increasingly vulnerable and many are still falling victim. . A common scam email that many businesses are experiencing currently is the invoice redirection scam. This involves a bad actor accessing a businesses email system, intercepting invoices and sending them out with a different bank account/different payment details. Websites are also a possible attack point for scammers. You need to make sure that your website is up to date and secure.  Make sure you keep track of the latest scams out there. In Australia the Government has a dedicated website and it’s definitely worth keeping track of updates – check out Scam Watch.  

Supplier and Supply Chain Risk

Software and cloud services, and the associated automation of processes and inbuilt efficiency, means that many business networks are becoming more integrated with those of their suppliers/partners. If you are connecting your services with those of other businesses in your supply chain you need to be aware of supply chain risk. If you are connecting your network to another’s, you need to be comfortable that they have the appropriate security in place.

The Importance of Education and Awareness

Given that malicious actors are always changing their approach and looking for new ways to attack networks, it’s important that you continue to educate your team and make sure they are aware of new attack vulnerabilities.

With this article we have shared with you 5 key web security risks you need to take into account in 2022 and beyond.

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