What’s new at Apple?


In this blog post we’re going to have a look at what’s new over at Apple.

We’ll briefly recap some of the products that have been released so far in 2019 and then look ahead to 2020 and what Apple has in store for us in the near future.

Let’s get started.

2019 so far…

2019 has seen three major events from Apple and lots of new products. First on the list are the various iterations of the iPhone 11. There’s the standard 11 with a 6.1in screen and two rear cameras, the 11 Pro with 5.8in screen and three rear cameras and the 11 Pro Max which has a 6.5in screen and three rear cameras.

Away from the iPhone there was also the new Apple Watch Series 5 with an inbuilt compass, always on display and an optional brushed titanium case. There was also a new, bigger, 10.2in display iPad and a new, more affordable MacBook Air.


So what’s next in 2019 and right through to 2020 I hear you ask? Let’s have a look.

We know the Mac Pro is on its way along with its accompanying Pro Display at WWDC 2019 an there could also be the long-rumoured 16in MacBook Pro out soon.

There are rumours swirling about the introduction of the iPad Pro, though it may be spring 2020 before we see it formally.

Apple’s new TV+ service is on the way with new, original TV series included, with this could come a cheaper Apple TV stick option to help pull in a wider audience.

We are also expecting new and improved AirPods (yes they haven’t been out that long, but we all know that Apple striving for continuous improvement continuously!). Spring 2020 most likely I think. You can expect some new gen StudioPods by then too.

The HomePod, designed to compete with Amazon and Google’s smart speakers should be out by the turn of the year; this may be a smaller, cheaper version.

So there you have it; it’s going to be a busy year!

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