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Our 4 step process

Here at AX Digital we like to work with you, we like to think of it as a partnership. Before we can quote you on any work you may require we like to go through an on boarding questionnaire. By asking you the questions that are on our onboarding questionnaire, we can get a better understanding of what you are wanting and what you need from our services.
We have a detailed process that we like to stick to so both you and I know what is going on, by having this process in place, it eliminates any confusion, miscommunication or assumptions we may have between us.

We are here to help you achieve your business goals through design, development and marketing. The questionnaire will help us establish your marketing history whether it be bad or good, help you overcome marketing fears and doubts and or educate you in the digital world.

When you enquire about our services, we will get in touch with you first and arrange a time that best suits you, whether that be via video chat or in person. We will have a brief decision with you and ask you relevant questions to do appropriate research before our meeting. 

Before we get to know you, we like to know as much as we possibly can so we can be prepared for our meeting. We have found that by using this onboarding process, it saves us all a lot of time so we can spend more time getting your website and or digital marketing up and running. 

So you have decided to come on board with AX Digital, welcome, we are so happy to work with you on your marketing journey. During this phase of our process, we will remember that we just went through an onboarding questionnaire, questions regarding your past marketing experience and what your future marketing goals are.

The design brief will define what it is that you are looking for not only visually looking for but what you are seeking from a user experience. Together we will work out who your main user is, how they would best navigate the site, what colour that would most be attracted to and so on. As graphic designers, if you have no idea what you want or you know exactly what you do not what, we can work with that or if you are coming from the other direction and have a complete branding guide you would like us to follow, we can accommodate that also.

We want your digital presence to stand out from the crowd. As the years progress, we are only going to become more and more online and we would like to help make that experience the best one you have ever had. This brief is another one we love to do face to face, really gives us a great understanding of who you are. We will be working together for a while to come (we hope) and we really like to build that rapport early on. 

This is where we start to see it all come together! Back in the day, we used to put together a layout presentation in a pdf doc, send it to you for approval and then once we got the go ahead, we would start building the site. Let me tell you, this process took way too long and if I have learnt anything, it is that no one likes to wait, us included but I will come back to this.

So now, instead of all that back and forth. Let’s face it, you are busy working on your business, you do not need the headache of all this toing and froing. Now, we develop the site from the answers you provided us in the design brief, this usually takes us around two weeks, then after we have designed and developed the look and feel of the site, we send you the link to your site and you can go in and click through every page as you could a normal website. We then sit down with you again and go through all your feedback, you allow for two rounds of changes. Once we have added all your comments, if any we go in and change things, when happy we continue with the development. This includes all copy, images, app integrations and general functionality of the site.

YAY! Your site is live, how exciting. So now let us talk about marketing, whether you have signed up with us or not to look after your social media, SEO or google ads there is always some marketing to do after the site is live.
This includes making sure every page has a title and description, this is the preview you see on google. We make sure, each individual page has their own unique page title and page preview, this helps your search engine optimisation. We also set up google analytics so you can keep track of everything. Another key feature and unique selling point that AX Digital provides is that even if you are not thinking about running google ads or SEO we always set a site up ready for these things, so if and when you do decide to add these things, it is ready to go for you. 



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