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It’s no secret that the way we interact with information has drastically changed over the years. More and more, we can see that people are using all sizes of deices to search for and view information – which also includes your website

UX Design with AX Digital

It’s pretty simple – if your website is not easy to navigate, or isn’t responsive on multiple platforms your website visitors will leave. This is lost revenue for your business and it could also be hurting your ranking on Google… But that is where we come in!

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Worked with and known the team at AX Digital for over 20 years. These guys are awesome. Have used them for graphic design, digital marketing and web design services.

Do you know what UX is?

What we have found in our years of operation is that many businesses have websites that were built before using smart devices to view information was the norm. Because of this there are many businesses out there that don’t have responsive web designs. So what does this mean for you? Well, if a potential customer finds your website and they can’t read your information because your website isn’t responsive to devices other than a computer, your website is like a leaky bucket. But, instead of leaking water, you are leaking money.

Eventually, it’s unlikely that people will be unable to find your website at all. Google has recognised the trend of mobile search and, wanting to make sure their own clients are having a good experience, are ranking responsive websites higher than those websites that aren’t responsive.

For the sake of your business, it is important that you invest in a proper, responsive website if you want to see your business continue to grow.

The team at AX Digital has been building beautiful, responsive websites for over a decade. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for an upgrade, we can help you take your business to the next level with a well branded and responsive website.

No matter what website design you have in mind, the team at AX Digital are here to help you put your design dreams into action whilst optimizing your website across all devices. Reach out to the AX Digital team today, to start bring your website to life.


UX Design with AX Digital

Responsive For Any Device

We ensure that your website is responsive across multiple devices and also multiple browsers. This ensures that your prospective clients will be able to receive your message no matter what device they are on, making your business a convenient choice in the customers buying process.

SEO Friendly

All of our websites are built with your customers in mind, but they are also built with the latest search engine optimisation principles as well. This assists in increasing your websites chances of ranking highly in a Google search – which lets face it, is where we go to find information about just about anything. Of course SEO is an ongoing process, so if you would like ongoing support in this area, please take a look at our SEO services in more detail here.

Beautifully Designed

You want a website that reflects your own personal brand and we have you covered. At AX Digital we understand that your website is an important part of your overall brand. That is why it should capture your unique style, voice and effectively communicate who you are and what you do to your audience, while also being consistent with all other materials. We pride ourselves on delivering just this through building beautiful, eye-catching and professional website designs.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our Australian-based customer support team is always available to answer your burning questions. So, if you ever have any questions about your new, responsive website, support is only ever a few clicks of a button away.


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