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The solution

Location: Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Type: health and wellness

Task: Brand & web development 


Create an amazing new look for brand including a new website and corporate styling by implementing new signage, print and logos.  The existing branding was old and outdated, clunky, and the website was not mobile friendly. We also needed to update the corporate styling to reflect the direction of the director Pascale. Always trying to enrich the lives of the children she is trying to help. 

We worked through the scoping documentation with the client to understand the “why” behind Pascale and her drive to help. From There we started the rebranding process. We started off woth 4 concepts and then continued the refinement process down to the final branding which the client chose and loved. From there we delivered the corporate style guide including concepts for Business cards, signage as well letterheads and folders. 

Once the branding was complete we started working on the website. We kept the design concept inline with the corporate style guide and as soon as the client saw the concept they approved it. We hit the nail on the head so then we started the build phase of the projects. We incorporated the exsisting products and blogs from the old site so we had to ensure there were no broken links once the new site had gone live. 

Other key details like copywriting and staff were added in the mix as like all Businesses have staff come and go we had to make sure the content was spot on before it went live. 

Difficulties Faced:

Core technologies we used:

  • Cloudflare
  • Domain name change
  • New hosting set up
  • Stripe integration
  • Gmail migration

As we were sending the site the live we wanted to ensure that we handed over the site it was in the best possible shape. This is why we set up cloudflare, a CDN that enhances the security and privacy of the site as well as setting up Stripe to make payments a lot easier for customers to purchase their products. We also took over the domain name and web hosting for Pascale so there was no more worry about managing those as well as migrating the emails over to Google workspace so Pascale again has complete control of her business.


As mentioned above, we worked closely with the client to deliver all the IT solutions for the client so they don’t have to worry moving forwards. This solution was effective because the client didn’t have to worry about the tech. We did the hard stuff while keeping everything in the clients name.










The final result included new branding and a new website for the client and is happier than ever they have complete control.