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Conrad Constructions

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The Scope

Conrad Construction aimed to elevate its brand awareness and transition from a family-run construction company to a larger entity capable of handling bigger projects and expanding its team. The task involved enhancing the company’s online exposure, particularly as Kris, the son, assumed leadership. Initially focused on website redesign and development, the project expanded to include a comprehensive awareness campaign to drive traffic and engagement.

The Main Objective

The original scope involved in completing this job was just a website redesign and development. But our process is that we can’t see the point of just building a website if there’s no traffic heading to it. So after the site was built we started the awareness campaign.

The process we followed was something that we do with all of our clients and we call it the 3 P’s of marketing. “Planning, progress and performance”. Planning stage is getting everything together, Progress is keeping the client informed along the way then AX can report back with the performance of the new site.

In all honesty, there weren’t any unique challenges of this task but I guess the challenge was to accumulate information about the projects from the client and gathering appropriate images. After working closely with the client we were able to get the information we needed and were able to piece the projects together. As part of our services we offer copywriting on our sites to make sure the site is set up ready for optimization on search engines.

Sometimes challenges pop up mid way through the build but this is nothing we can’t handle. AX has a thourough pre launch checklist that we tick off before any site goes live.

Other challenges that we faced were getting all the appropriate integrations set up. Things like google analytics and social medias. The reason why this is a challenge especially on the social media front is we don’t like to ask for our clients personal passwords. This means we had to change the clients set up for personal to business and manage it all through the meta business dashboard. This way all members of the AX team can schedule posts for the client with out having any access to the personal account.

This solution is effective as we can manage all of our social media accounts through the meta dashboard and alternatively we can access all of our google analytics accounts in its dashboard and every body’s passwords are kept secret.

AX implemented a huge range of products and services for Conrad constructions including 3rd party apps mentioned above as well the full google suite like Search Console, recapcha and Google My Business. In terms of AX Dogital services not only did we designed and developed a great new look and feel we also offered our copywriting services for new blog posts and projects with SEO in mind as well as designing a structured social media feed that the client approves before any content goes out.

The Solution

AX Digital adopted its proven “3 P’s of marketing” approach— Planning, Progress, and Performance— to execute Conrad Construction’s objectives effectively. By meticulously planning the website redesign and development process, keeping the client informed throughout the progress, and delivering measurable performance outcomes, AX Digital ensured a seamless transition and successful outcome.

The final result was that after years of working with the client Conrad has a substantial digital presence with ongoing social media and SEO.