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Specialist IT Requirements: Web Design, Web Maintanance, Digital Marketing The solution: Specialist IT Services are here when you need them. We service our clients in a range of ways, with support available via phone, through remote support and in person when required

The Scope

Specialist IT is a leading information technology company based in Dandenong, Victoria who approached AX digital to revamp their outdated website

The Main Objective

With the purpose of showcasing their credibility in the IT industry and as a leading provider of commercial, industrial and medical IT solutions, they needed a website that reflected their expertise and unique brand identity.

In order to complete this job, the team at AX Digital followed our 4-step process to success: Design, Develop, Deploy and Digital Marketing. We collaborated with Specialist IT to create new copy that included their services and designed the UX and UI capabilities and accumulated custom graphics to suit the look and feel of their brand. We then built the site using WordPress CMS platform which allowed for easy management by non-technical users. Finally we worked on getting it ranked on Google by optimising it for search engines through various techniques including keyword research, meta descriptions etc.

The team at AX digital faced unique challenges such as client availability and creating a unique look and integrating graphic elements across the site, whilst still reflecting the client’s brief.

The Solution

Overcoming these challenges, we ensured premium level copywriting and seamless graphics that were recolored and adjusted to fit into the document. We also ensured that contact forms integrated with Microsoft 365 while custom firewalls rejected any spam emails through SMTP integration.

Resulting in a custom solution for Specialist IT’s website to reflect their current offerings, the team at Specialist IT are now proud of showcasing their website which is ranking well on Google. Their revamped website now reflects their current offerings, making it easier for potential clients to understand what they offer, therefore resulting in more conversions.

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