5 Things to Check for in an SEO Audit


Optimising your website with an SEO Audit

An SEO Audit is a great thing to do periodically as making corrections as a result can give you huge boosts in search engine traffic; little changes here and there to what seem like small things can add up to something big for your site and it turn, your business. Let’s have a look at five of the most important elements of any good SEO Audit.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

Meta titles are tags displayed on search engine pages; they are the clickable headlines and are crucial in your SEO efforts as they are often the first thing a user sees and they want to see something that closely matches their search term; this will get you a click.

Your Meta description is an extension of this; good Meta descriptions below the headline will improve your click through rates.

Broken Links, Images and Alt Tags

Search engines view links as little votes of confidence in your website so broken links need to be removed or fixed ASAP.

Your image Alt Text is important as it describes the image and what’s on it as well as the primary function of the image in the context of the wider page. Search engine crawlers will crawl alt text, so having relevant keywords in there will help your SEO efforts.


Any good SEO audit should include thorough security checks to ensure that your site is free from malicious software and the criminals behind it. This is something that you must insist on when you order an SEO audit.

Language Issues

Combining different languages in your SEO efforts can be a real challenge; you might need this for one of three reasons:

  • You want multiple languages serving multiple countries
  • You want multiple languages serving the same country
  • You want multiple languages serving any country

There are plenty of things that we can help you to do to ensure that your site is as popular in German as it is in Spanish.

A List of Links

A list of SEO friendly links can really help your efforts on the SEO front but you need to get it right which is where we come in.

In Summary

SEO is a complicated landscape to navigate and that’s why we’re here; we can help you to find the right path and set your website on the road to greatness!

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