Do I Need SEO, And How Long Does Local SEO Take?

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Every website owner should know the significance of putting more effort into SEO marketing to attract more traffic. We explain why you need SEO and how long it takes to reap results.

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization.” You may wonder how web pages appear at the top when you search for a particular keyword on Google and other search engines. Thanks to SEO practices that optimize the web pages to rank in high positions during organic or non-paid search results.

Do I Need SEO?

The core purpose of starting a blog or website is to sell your products, services, or content. You need people to visit your page to achieve your goal, and you can accomplish it through SEO.

  • It increases your visibility, meaning people will find you easily when searching for something you sell.
  • Builds your website authority
  • Draws traffic to your website
  • Offers your website or business social proof, thus credibility and trust
  • SEO improves users’ experience by ensuring they get valuable content that meets their needs.
  • It has a great return on investment, even though it takes time.

How Long Does SEO Take?

A question many of our customers ask is how long does local SEO take to provide results. It’s not possible to give a definitive answer because of the many variables involved in the optimization process, including your rival’s variables and efforts. For example how much your competitors are investing in SEO also. 

While SEO takes time to show results, the range may be between 4 months up to a year, depending on the three significant variables:

Inbound Linking

Links play a significant role in SEO- ranking. But their effect on SEO results depends on many factors, including having a volume of high-quality links to your site from other websites relevant to your industry. 


The demand for your products, services, or content determines the competition you face in the market pool. So, when the order is high, the higher the rivalry you’re against, and the longer it will take to achieve higher rankings.

Therefore, assessing your competitor’s SEO is vital to outrank them is a vital part of outranking them. It is recommended to engage an SEO agency who can advise you on the kind of budget you will need to invest in SEO in order to outrank your competitors. 


The content you publish on your website dramatically affects how fast you will see results. As a result, emphasize quality. While there is no particular limit of words for your content, it needs to be long enough to resolve the client’s quest or problem.

Regularly share original, valuable, and quality content on your website to help send positive user alerts to search engines. Ensure you know the type of questions that your users are asking in order to create useful and relevant content for your website.

Bottom Line

SEO is a must-have if you want a long-term ROI on your business, but remember, it will take time to show results. A professional SEO Melbourne company such as the team at AX Digital can help you to take your SEO to the next level. Schedule a call with one of our experts today. 

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