Five Key Points to Web Design


Here are Five Key Points to Web Design

This article will discuss the five things you just have to get right when it comes to web design. Let’s get started!


In essence, responsive design is a way of coding a website so that the layout is fluid and adapts to the lens it’s being viewed through; imagines, links and content organise themselves in a way that works no matter the size of the screen.

Visitors to your site will be viewing it from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops of all different sizes and resolutions; so responsive design is critical if you want to keep all of your audience engaged.

Content is King

Whilst web designers have a plethora of media options available to them and are able to offer their clients more options than ever on this front. Content will always be king.

Ultimately visitors need to feel like they’re getting what they need from a website and that comes down to the content being relevant, current and engaging. If you get this right you won’t go far wrong.

Keep things Simple

Usability and ease of navigation are important factors in web design. You can spot good website navigation if it feels intuitive and you find the content or features of a site exactly where you would expect them to be.

You shouldn’t need a double PhD to find a blog post on a website!

Load Time

It’s fair to say that in this day and age your visitors will have no patience for your website if the load time is too slow. Studies have shown that if your site doesn’t load in three seconds or quicker visitors are likely to abandon your site altogether and seek out an alternative. In the same study, by Akamai, it was found that 64% of shoppers who find the load time and general experience of visiting a site deficient will take their business elsewhere.

Social Media

Facebook and other social media tools has certainly exerted its influence over the web design arena. Sharing on socials are crucial for any website; not only will it help with building trust and authority with search engines; but it will help to increase direct, organic traffic from the links themselves.

Because social media credibility is so important, web designers put the option to share via various platforms front and centre on most pages and blog posts.

Images and videos are shared far more readily that text-based content so web designers need to take this into account when creating websites. Images and videos need to look sharp, be well-placed and engaging.

To sumarize

We’ve examined the five key points to web design and hopefully you know what you need to prioritise for your own site.

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