Web Funnels to Increase ROI


It’s one of the most basic mistakes that you can make as a seller of goods or services online; during your first contact with a new client you try to sell them something straight away.

A hard sell is a difficult thing to achieve however, so whilst it may seem counterintuitive to put more steps between your customer and the sales pitch, it’s an absolutely essential thing to do in order to secure sales.

What’s vitally important is that your potential buyer has the time and the space to familiarise themselves with your business and your brand and to feel assured. This void between knowing about you and generating your sale is where your funnel exists.

So the key thing with any funnel is that you are giving your potential buyers the time, space and gentle information required to feel like they are making a safe, informed decision on whether to buy from you or not. Try as you may you can’t make that decision for your customer, but it is in your power to give them time and space.

The decision to progress from one part of the funnel to another needs to be that of the potential buyer.

Here are some of the benefits of an effective funnel:

Better Conversion Rates

As your customers progress down your funnel, you will wheedle out tyre kickers and time wasters and the people that stay the course are the better calibre of customer (i.e. serious buyers) that you are interested in.

Those that stay will likely buy and boost your conversion rates.

Predicting Sales Volume

As your customers progress through your funnel you are able to find out how many progress at each stage. Having this data is useful in predicting sales volume and also in helping you to refine and improve your funnel.

Identifying Issues

A good funnel can help you to establish which products or services are underperforming; identification of these “duds” happens by understanding when and where people are exiting your funnel.


We can help you to track every part of your funnel to aid with your analytics. One of the ways that we are able to do this is by placing a “Thank You” page on your website; this page acts as the end point of your funnel so it’s really easy to keep track of how many visitors end up there for example.


Rest assured we can help you get leads and convert these leads into buyers and convert these buyers into repeat customers.

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