Why does your website need quality content


The importance of having a site map

All websites should have a good quality website content as well as a site map and this site map should be indexed with Google. If it is indexed, Google knows that the site exists and that there is a solid structure underpinning it; it’s a big tick in the big G’s box!

If you don’t have your site properly indexed, Google has to just stumble across your website randomly; not only is that unlikely, but you’re far less likely to get the type of targeted visitors which you can convert into lasting clients or customers.

The great thing about a sitemap is that it tells Google when any new content is added to the site; this could be an article, a page, a video, an image, anything at all. Google will then recognise your site as active and worthwhile; you’ll start to see more and more targeted visitors arriving on your various pages.

If your site remains inactive, in time it becomes more and more susceptible to bots and hackers and, most importantly, punishment in terms of rankings from Google. Keeping your site current and letting your sitemap to do the heavy lifting for you is a great way of remaining in Google’s good graces.

Whenever you post a new blog or add another type of content you not only increase the size, scope and appeal of your site, but in doing so increase the chances of  organic traffic coming to your site from Google’s search results.

So keeping your website up to date with quality content really is a no brainer. Combining this with a well-structured, submitted site map means that you are well and truly on the path towards total search engine domination!

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